Monthly Archives: December 2009

happy new year.

where does the time go? i can’t wait for 2009 to finally crash and burn into the ground. i have a few big hopes for the new year and practically a book of resolutions. i wish you all love, happiness and success. fingers crossed.

feeling a little bit like both of these pictures on this last day of the year. photos by the incredible steven klein.



love. love. love.


‘you are my face’.

‘You Are My Face’ December 2009.

this is a special piece for my friends nikki and nate mcgowan that was commissioned by nikki’s dad, michael. she had mentioned in passing to him that they had wanted one of my pieces for their new place and he remembered my name, tracked down my email address and in no time we were at halcyon drinking coffee and talking specifics. he wanted something that would be unique to them so i scrambled to do some research and get this baby finished in time for christmas.

the ‘grid’ in the background is a nod to soccer, of which nate is a huge fan. the purple flowers are in reference to the ones nikki carried on their wedding day. the mountains are to celebrate their adventurous personalities. the hand holding is obvious. i had started out wanting to make this a very neutral piece to accommodate their place but i got slightly carried away. the title is a song from wilco’s 2007 album sky blue sky. i saw the last wilco show here in town with them and i thought it would be a good fit. wilco is incredible y’all.

hope you (and nikki and nate) enjoy it!

the big push-pull and other breakthroughs.

written circa july 2007

the letters are

so good. delicious. luxurious. unpolluted at times.

i read over them easily.
running my eyes (like fingers) over
l e t t e r.

pause to savour the illegitimacy of punctuation.
page breaks like awkward silences.
endings like fuzzy pink outlines on this morning ocean sky.

read and reread.
you are my stranger.
i barely know you
(but, then, i barely know myself).

logo monday.

okay, i’m going to try and post a few of my favourite logos on mondays for your viewing pleasure. the theme this week is fashion:

crisp, unique, a perfect weight and managing to situate itself equally between retro and modern. the shape of the ‘h’ and the way it connects to the ‘a’ is sublime.

this logo is solid and masculine. the heavy typeface reminds me of elegant hotel rooms, fresh showers and fashion houses in their heyday. the horse-drawn carriage is just icing on the cake.

i absolutely adore logos that incorporate that classic ‘sign painter’ aesthetic and maintain the flowing allure of mid-century luxe design. this logo makes me want to put on long black gloves and drink martinis and then do bad things. wink.


favours in the beetroot fields.

i’m one sleep deprived girl.

here’s what i’ve been working on as of this past week:

-designing an updated version of the big dirty shakedown’s debut album
-trying to create a gigposter for the doolins incorporating a cowboy peeing
-a logo and two gigposters for the new movement studio
-a giant mural for lucky rabbit studios
-a commissioned painting for someone as a christmas present (meaning, it needs to be done this week)

jesus! someone please come to my house, make me dinner, give me a back rub and tuck me into bed. i will love you to no end!


i swear i’m going to post pictures of all of these projects soon – but in the meantime, here’s a screen grab of one of my new movement posters in action. i give you the new movement’s yelp page:

love, chase.