‘you are my face’.

‘You Are My Face’ December 2009.

this is a special piece for my friends nikki and nate mcgowan that was commissioned by nikki’s dad, michael. she had mentioned in passing to him that they had wanted one of my pieces for their new place and he remembered my name, tracked down my email address and in no time we were at halcyon drinking coffee and talking specifics. he wanted something that would be unique to them so i scrambled to do some research and get this baby finished in time for christmas.

the ‘grid’ in the background is a nod to soccer, of which nate is a huge fan. the purple flowers are in reference to the ones nikki carried on their wedding day. the mountains are to celebrate their adventurous personalities. the hand holding is obvious. i had started out wanting to make this a very neutral piece to accommodate their place but i got slightly carried away. the title is a song from wilco’s 2007 album sky blue sky. i saw the last wilco show here in town with them and i thought it would be a good fit. wilco is incredible y’all.

hope you (and nikki and nate) enjoy it!


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