sam cooke once said

‘a change is gonna come’ and as far as my website is concerned, it’s gonna come sooner than later. i’m revamping the site to include client-specific information (like, say you’re a musician and you want to know about album design or a small business looking for a logo). oh yeah, and prices! yay!

all of this is in response to a recent influx in projects and my 2010 goal of marketing and promoting my business. i feel like a lot of potential clients are afraid to approach me for work because they have no idea how much they’re going to expect to pay for something. i know i’m always turned off by websites that don’t list pricing – however, i will say that the prices are going to be a rough guide and some pricing will still have to be on a case-by-case basis. it’s definitely going to be a learning process for me.


oh, one other thing i wanted to share with you: a piece of typographical art by the beautiful and talented aussie gemma o’brien. definitely a woman after my own heart!

enough rambling! love love love to you all!


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