well i feel like a dummy

i’ve been working for the last hour on a gigposter for black bone child, amplified heat and the best love in town‘s show at stubb’s this february. kenneth from black bone child wants the poster to play up the idea of a blues/rock fusion. anyway, i just stopped what i was doing and realized this poster i’ve been working on looks better suited to a psych rock show. bah! i always do this!

back to square one!

i’m definitely going to hold onto this one for the next psych rock band that needs a poster – i think i’m totally in love with it. if anyone knows anyone that could use this poster, let a girly know.


yes, that’s a solar eclipse in there!


2 responses to “well i feel like a dummy

  1. I dig that poster design! I can’t wait to see what else you come up with. It reminds me of Alex Gray’s work.

  2. it reminds me of alex gray too! awesome! i’m really excited to see the end result of this poster too – still thinking of slogans though…

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