mood indigo

somewhere on the other side of the globe, the rain is coming down warm and steady. for today in this icebox city, i give you some photos and a poem that i love. enjoy.

james brown in ‘soul power’. 1974.

My 'first' flower arrangement.
my first flower arrangement. 2009.

china machado photographed by richard avedon. 1958.


City by Angel Gonzalez

things glisten. roof tiles rise
over the tree tops.
almost to the breaking point, tense,
the resilient streets.
there you are: beneath the intersection
of metallic cables,
where the sun fits like a halo
complimenting your image.
rapid swallows threaten
impassive facades. glass
transmits luminous and secretive
everything consists of brief, invisible
gestures for habitual eyes.
and suddenly you’re not there.
good-bye, love, good-bye.
you’re already gone.
nothing remains of you.
the city rotates:
grinder in which everything is undone.


One response to “mood indigo

  1. what wonderful poetry.
    the pictures look good too

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