i want you (she’s so heavy).

relegated to my house this not-raining-enough-for-my-liking afternoon as i wait for someone to give me a ride to my car downtown. i’ve started planning my pieces for the mythical creature art show coming up this sxsw (jesus, i only have five days to paint!). so far i have: a baby goat with a fish backside, owls with tusks, a manticore…i think there was something else.

if anyone has any suggestions for mythical creatures they’d like to throw at me, i’d love to have them. my brain is completely fried with work. i can’t wait til sxsw when i can put my brain on the slow train to relaxation and good music. xo.

and now some trivia about i want you (she’s so heavy):

-only fourteen different words are sung during this uncharacteristically long beatles song
-it is one of the last songs that the beatles mixed as a group, on august 20 1969
-legend has it there is a mccartney-led version circulating around in bootlegs

two of my favourite beatles photos.


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