fantastic planet.

i know everyone’s schedules are jam-packed during sxsw this year, but, if you have about 30 minutes to stop by bijou studio, the tattoo parlor/gallery space next to the liberty bar on east 6th street, you can check out ‘Sasquatch and his Luxurious Friends’. ‘Sasquatch’ is an art show featuring 13 artists and their favourite mythical creatures. Not only will there be free food, booze supplied by the liberty and great art, 20% of every piece sold will be donated to the austin wildlife rescue.

i’ll be trying to squeeze 3, maybe 4 brand new pieces into my alotted space for your viewing pleasure. i’m posting this work-in-progress to motivate you to come check out the show! the legendary blue great horned tusk owl has long, curling tusks and is said to survive on a steady diet of obnoxious tourists who get lost in woodland areas. no one who has seen the great tusked bird has had the sense to keep a camera phone on them so the only way you can see this majestic creature is through this here painting:

Mythical Creatures Series: Work in Progress
personally, owls creep me out to no end.

to all of you vintage animation buffs, i modeled the owl’s features and colouring from the 1973 french animated sci-fi classic fantastic planet. this baby isn’t finished or titled yet so you’ll have to just come to bijou on saturday, march 13 from 7-10p (or daily until the end of march) to see it and the other pieces! see you there lovers!


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