for anthony gibson

rain has been dripping from the sky all afternoon on this little city of austin where i’ve found myself grief-stricken over the loss of a wonderful, charming, incredibly optimistic, loving man today.

Tony, Diana and Michael
tony, diana and michael gibson. las vegas, nevada. november 2008.

Grandpa and Anthony Gibson
grandpa kerzwick and tony gibson. las vegas, nevada. november 2008.

i had the fortune of meeting michael’s father, tony, for the first time in las vegas, of all places. michael’s brother josh was getting married and i found myself being thrust into meeting the parents of my boyfriend in what i thought to be the most high-pressure of situations. i spent weeks agonizing over how it would go. for anyone who has ever met either of michael’s parents, you would know that any worrying on my part would prove a complete waste of time. they were wonderful people, sarcastic and playful and sweet – i became the butt of a joke almost instantly and spent the rest of the week having a great time with them.

the next month, michael’s parents would come down to stay with us in austin over christmas along with my own parents. i spent some time alone with tony and diana exploring the city while michael worked. we had such a good time; they made me feel like i was their own daughter. it makes me laugh and cry now to think of one of their last nights in town when michael and i were suckered into an extended game of uno at their hotel room when all we wanted to do was go home and fall asleep.

thank you tony, for being such a wonderful person to know. i’ve been holding on to the easter bunny you insisted on sending me last easter since friday morning. i’ll miss you terribly.

Diana and Tony Gibson with Uncle Jimmy
diana and tony gibson with uncle jimmy. las vegas, nevada. november 2008.

Anthony Gibson
tony gibson’s personality embodied in a photograph. las vegas, nevada. november 2008.

rest in peace dear, sweet anthony gibson.


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