sxsw is over!

well, i was worried i wouldn’t get everything for sxsw finished in time (a few last minute requests tipped the scales) but i was ready to get down to free flowing beer, endless band lineups and short bouts of semi-sleep by thursday afternoon. my weekend included motorhead, gwar, ovenbirds, the xx, gza, minus the bear and one totally rad band called lords of altamont, among many others! and i kid you not, phil campbell of motorhead took a limo to meet me at a bar, went to the screening of the lemmy movie with me, got us free everything at jackalope, and into the minus the bear show where i met his teenage son. how rad!

i also received my new promotional business cards, posters, stickers and postcards in the mail so keep yr eyes peeled around town for those! and if you like what i’m doing, please pass the word on to those in need of design work! after a cd release party tonight at 9, it’s home to work on an album design and three logos. i’ll post more images soon!

and thank you lovers for reading!

Vintage neon I’d like in my house. Photo by thepetor on flickr.



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