arthouse 5×7 social: recap.

last night i went to the arthouse 5×7 social with mike harmeier as my charming escort. the place was huge, packed and very hot despite the rented air conditioners. mike managed to obtain some not-on-the-menu fancy pilsners from the complimentary beer bar and i worked up a nice buzz while we searched the endless walls for my paintings to snag a photo.

My paintings at the ArtHouse 5x7 Show
my paintings are the three in the middle (the electric blue one and the two to the left of it)

also ran into the totally rad john pesina who was making his usual photo rounds, the very sweet blue who was running sound for balmorhea before heading over to his show at mohawk, and matthew rodriguez (seriously one of my favourite people on the planet) with his sweet date aliana. one other person i spotted was dj stout from the amazing local design firm pentagram but i didn’t have the cajones to approach him. i lurve that guy and i lurve pentagram and i hope he never stumbles upon this blog post!

i stood, like a stalker, watching people look over the wall with my art for about 10 minutes and a few hipsters walked right up to one of my pieces and awkwardly (and illegally) flipped the piece over to see who painted it! haha. for those unaware, the idea of the show is that no one’s names are displayed on the art – only after you make the purchase do they reveal the artist’s name. how cute!

the show continues today and tomorrow (for free) at the whitley building at 3rd and brazos before heading to houston, dallas and abilene. i urge you to go and check out all of the amazing work on display!


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