barbarella austin.

Weekly Events at Barbarella Austin
poster for barbarella austin’s weekly shows.

for the uninitiated, barbarella is the best new place in town to get down. it’s a video dance club that features a very wide array of music ranging from classic soul and rock n roll to new indie and electro. pick any one of these nights, you’re sure to have a great time.

now if i could only get them to do jane fonda video workouts on sunday afternoons, we’d be full circle.


2 responses to “barbarella austin.

  1. I had hear good things about barbarella. However, my personal experience has found them to be deceiving and discriminative. They advertised no cover until 1230, yet they were charging a cover before that time and would not let me in even when I showed them the advertisement on their website. While I was leaving, their security staff said “I hat gay people, they’re so hard to deal with!” They promote a gay night, but they hate gay people???? They do not hire gay employees and do not support gay association, yet they promote a “gay night,” even though they do not appreciate the clientele. What a greedy, unappreciative practice. #boycottbarbarella

  2. Asher,
    I’m sorry to hear about your situation regarding Barbarella. While I appreciate your wanting to share the situation with others, I think a more appropriate route would be via Yelp, Barbarella’s Facebook and Twitter pages or you can email them directly at – hell, call the local news and have them investigate! In my interactions with the staff and club (and theGlitoris, who hosts Tuezgayz and is a wonderful human being and would certainly not associate herself with a club that was discriminatory), I haven’t seen anything remotely close to sexual discrimination. I’m an independent graphic designer who is completely unaffiliated with Barbarella aside from a few posters I’ve designed in the past. Thanks for understanding. – Chase

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