happy father’s day dad!

my dad on a life size ice harley davidson he created.

for those of you who don’t know me that well, i actually inherited my creativity from both parents. my mother is a quilter and a muse and my father is an ice sculptor and chef. together they live on a little ranch in north houston called silver star ranch, which was originally a sinclair oil pumping station until the 1920s. an enormous metal barn on the property has been converted (pretty much by the the two of them alone) into a banquet hall where they host weddings, cotillions, birthday parties and corporate picnics.

in addition to all of this, they also run a full time ice sculpting company. my father has been sculpting ice since the mid-1980s when my mother convinced him to move away from the gruelling hours as a chef and try his hand at a relatively new art form in the united states, ice sculpting. since then, iceworks has gone on to become the premiere ice sculpting company in houston. he placed 4th in the world in an ice sculpting competition in japan and his work has been featured in country living magazine and on charles osgood’s cbs sunday morning. he’s created sculptures for the rolling stones, bill clinton, bruce springsteen, the president of france, mtv, vince young, beyonce, mike tyson, lee iacocca, frank sinatra, the king and queen of sweden and many more.

growing up, i didn’t realize how lucky i was to be in such a creative, nourishing environment. as i grow older though, i thank my lucky stars each day for having such a loving, artistic, dedicated father in my life. i don’t know what i’d do without him.

happy father’s day dad!

life size ice pool table.


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