get behind will taylor’s new album!

for those unfamiliar with local music wunderkind, will taylor, here’s a descriptive quote from his interview with this week’s Austin Chronicle: ‘we’re not a cover band. i come out of the duke ellington/count basie bandleader tradition where we’re putting our touch on standards.’

will and his group have put their spin on most of the beatles’ catalog in addition to led zeppelin, jimi hendrix, pink floyd and joni mitchell, among others. after his recent incarnation of willie nelson songs in the style of bob wills (read: texas swing), taylor and company have decided to put out an album of willie nelson tunes (of which i will be doing the album artwork and design!). and as of last friday, longtime neil young producer john hanlon signed on as producer of the album!

now taylor is looking for help from friends and supporters – he’s set up a profile on kickstarter to help raise the funds to make the album a reality. if you’d like to help fund the effort, head over to their kickstarter page and donate as much or as little as you’d like. their campaign ends sunday so donate soon!


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