come on, darling. why don’t you kick off your spurs?

the title of this blog is actually a quote from the movie giant (oh, elizabeth taylor!). in two weeks, i’ll be headed to marfa with mister moonpie for my birthday. he surprised me with reservations at the historic hotel paisano, which is where the cast/crew of ‘giant’ stayed during filming! isn’t that so sweet, y’all?


hotel paisano. photographed by the incredible charles henry.

as a result of my days out of town, i’ve got to hunker down and knock out this mountain of work! if you’ve got some work with me that’s currently in limbo, expect to get some mock ups this coming week. i promise i’m working on it.

and now some recent design work:

Free Week Austin at Emo's

gigposter for awesome metal show at emo’s during free week.

Smoke and Feathers 2011 West Coast Tour Poster

smoke and feathers 2011 west coast tour poster.

The Bloody Sunday Sessions Logo Design

logo design for new orleans based production company ‘the bloody sunday sessions’. the crew films musicians in the back of horse drawn carriages in the french quarter after imbibing a bloody mary or two.


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