name something that inspires me: grizzly bear.

if ever there were an album of the last decade to hole up in a cabin in the woods and create art to, grizzly bear’s latest release veckatimest would be it. i love everything about it: from the soaring melodies set to instrumentation that some have called baroque pop to the album’s packaging (with artwork by william j. o’brien) and the subsequent music videos in support of it.

of all of the tracks on the album, my favourite is a piece entitled ‘ready, able’. a little bonus to the track is the music video which is fantastically unnerving. and for me, the best artwork is a little bit unnerving. created by the incredible artist and animator allison schulnik, the music video is a mind meld of strange, sad characters that are constantly in a gorgeous state of flux. as a special coincidence, it turns out she’s apparently friends with another artist i posted about a year ago, eric yahnker. anyway, you really need to watch and listen to it for yourself below:


‘long hair hobo #2’ oil on canvas. 2008. by allison schulnik.

‘untitled’ by william j. o’brien.


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