Blog and Iced Chai Break!

four days later, i finally feel recovered from fff fest weekend. it was my first two days off in a row since january and it was so worth it! so many killer shows, including my first live m83 show – which i have waited years for. can i just say that anthony gonzalez is a super fox!

so for all of you austinites, get excited about barbarella’s 2-year anniversary later this month! it’s hard to believe it’s been two years – seems like yesterday i was dancing to rod stewart’s ‘young turks’ alone on the dance floor during their second week open. they’ve since moved into the much larger venue next door and partnered with east side showroom on creating the swan dive in the original location. here’s our gigposter for the event – i hope you all are off that night and can squeeze into the place. it’s gonna be bananas!

Barbarella Austin - 2 year Bash!

here’s a little something i put together for bright light social hour for their gig in lubbock (it’s tonight). this one is missing the details, but i prefer it with no info. defeats the purpose, i know – but i love the background texture.

Bright Light Social Hour Gigposter

one other thing, before i sign off – i’ve just started the ball rolling on an awesome line of merch (the line is called Tillman, after my dad). Get ready for some hip graphic duds a la one of your favourite rock and roll graphic artists. i’ll keep you posted lovies. muah muah!


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