Bucket List Item #37

most definitely.


One response to “Bucket List Item #37

  1. Hi Chase
    That’s cheap European flights for you.. Ryan Airs Business Class – more balloons than in coach and a choice of colours for a small extra fee if you book online.

    Came across you site when looking for the old SAS logo design, I used to have about 135 flights/year on SAS between UK and Scandinavia in an another life and having “lived” with this logo it was far one of the best they have had in the past 60 years or they had been flying. Don’t think much of the new livery, a friend of mine was their Chief Pilot I used to tell him now you look just like another run of the mill airline.

    Any way, the reason I needed the old logo is that I am opening a business shortly (Leamington Spa UK) providing scandinavian food and I have been doing the designs, colors layouts and so on. I see you are in Design/Art so perhaps you could give me a hand. I take it you are in the US -Texas ? looking at your client list. Have a very good friend in Dallas, going back a long time. I am considering moving my business to the US at some stage in the future.

    Please drop me a mail and let me know. Nice site you got here. I need mine up running by end of next weekend.

    Have a good weekend.

    Kind regards Steen (Rasmussen)

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