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Album Art for some of Austin’s Finest (Austin Chronicle Best Of List)!

oh snap! austin chronicle’s music staff just released their top ten albums lists – i’ve had the pleasure of designing cover art for some of the killer albums on this list:

Suzanna Choffel’s ‘Steady Eye Shaky Bow’

Suzanna Choffel's 'Steady Eye Shaky Bow' Album Art

Golden Bear’s ‘Alive’

Golden Bear 'Alive' Album Art.

Leatherbag’s ‘Yellow Television’

Leatherbag's 'Yellow Television' Album Art

thanks so much for letting me be a part of your projects! ♥


I’m a Street Walkin’ Cheetah with a Heart Full of Napalm.

take a moment to get out of your chair and dance to this cover of iggy and the stooge’s ‘search and destroy’ by peaches. sometimes i’m not sure which version i like better.

here are some photos of myself and one of my best friends, brian hubbard, getting down on the dancefloor at barbarella here in austin.

This is me at Barbarella Night Club.
me on the barbarella dance floor!

One of my best friends, Brian, at Barbarella Night Club.
brian hubbie!

also! i got word today that my 5×7 painting that was a part of arthouse’s annual traveling fundraiser sold! it was a painted replica of this leatherbag poster i created last year. i’ll post photos once i get a chance!

Blank Gigposter for Leatherbag

In lieu of a birthday cake next year…

Pantone Chip Cookies by Kim Neill

how amazing are these little pantone chip cookies i stumbled across on the interwebs? dear god, what a brilliant idea for the graphic designer in your life (wink, wink). for those of you who don’t know what pantone colours are here is an ultra nerdy wikipedia article.

if anyone is interested in baking some of these and giving them to me, here is the recipe from graphic designer kim neill’s website. she is my new hero:

Pantone Cookies by Kim Neill



I used Mary’s Sugar Cookie recipe from the Betty Crocker cookbook. Super tasty. Recipe here:

Roll dough out between 1/4” and 1/8“ thickness. I find thinner cookies keep their shape better.

Cut 2” x 3” rectangles out of dough (You can cut a stencil from cardboard to trace if you like).

Cook until lightly golden brown, keeping an eye on them as they cook because they cook quickly!

Note on Quantities: If you are filling a Pantone Tin, three batches of cookies will only fill up the tin halfway. They are big tins! To resolve this, I ended up lining the bottom of the tin with folded over bubble wrap just to make the tin look full and happy.

An alternative to the tin is filling a Pantone Mug with Pantone Cookies, which makes for a nice individual gift.

Both Pantone Tins and Pantone Mugs can be found on


This is a great recipe to use because it keeps color vibrant, doesn’t fade and dries nice without being too hard. Flavor with white vanilla here if you can. Regular vanilla tends to darken the icing a bit. You might want to adda bit more milk then the recipe calls for to get the perfect spreading consistency. Recipe here:


Make a big bowl of white royal icing.

Start by spreading a strip of white icing across the all the cookie bottoms and let dry.

Now use what’s left of your white icing to make colors.

I made colors one at a time as I went. Scoop 3-4 heaping tablespoons of icing in a tiny bowl and then color with solid food coloring. This will color 3-5 cookies.

Once you are done with one color, rinse your bowl out and start again.

Doing colors this way keeps the mess down and you don’t have to worry about

what you just mixed drying out.

Don’t worry about matching a PMS color exactly.

I just eyed it and then grabbed the PMS book once cookies dried to identify the right color.

Using a food dye pen, write the matching PMS number down on the cookies.

To make Metallic Chips, use a soft brush or cotton ball to burnish icing surface with gold or silver luster dust.

Lazy Saturday.

well…not really, actually. like most days around my office, it’s a hurricane of projects, papers, stickie notes, 5 hour energy shots and itunes. unfortunately for me today, my cat steven had other plans with his attempts to thwart any work getting done. maybe i’ll head to mohawk for a cocktail reprieve right now during their beach party happy hour. are cats on leashes allowed into mohawk? their slogan is ‘all are welcome’.

Steven messing up mama's workflow.

gotta knock out as much work as i can this week as i’ll be heading to west texas on thursday for two important reasons: to assist my parents as they construct a massive ice sculpture for the us military in el paso (check out their work here) and to collect some photographs and artifacts to include in the promotional photo book i’m putting together for the upcoming film ‘transpecos’. so stay tuned for that!

in other news, for those of you on twitter, i’m a newbie – follow me and help show me the ropes @ChaseMaclaskey! Have a great weekend y’all!

name something that inspires me: grizzly bear.

if ever there were an album of the last decade to hole up in a cabin in the woods and create art to, grizzly bear’s latest release veckatimest would be it. i love everything about it: from the soaring melodies set to instrumentation that some have called baroque pop to the album’s packaging (with artwork by william j. o’brien) and the subsequent music videos in support of it.

of all of the tracks on the album, my favourite is a piece entitled ‘ready, able’. a little bonus to the track is the music video which is fantastically unnerving. and for me, the best artwork is a little bit unnerving. created by the incredible artist and animator allison schulnik, the music video is a mind meld of strange, sad characters that are constantly in a gorgeous state of flux. as a special coincidence, it turns out she’s apparently friends with another artist i posted about a year ago, eric yahnker. anyway, you really need to watch and listen to it for yourself below:


‘long hair hobo #2’ oil on canvas. 2008. by allison schulnik.

‘untitled’ by william j. o’brien.

new gigposters: kanye west, snoop dogg and more!

Snoop Dogg at SXSW 2011 Gigposter

Kanye West at SXSW 2011 Gigposter

a dream came true this past sxsw when i was asked by local production company the electric company to design a poster for snoop dogg. and then there was the kanye west poster. swoon! if you are interested in obtaining one, send me an email, a short run of screenprints are in the works. wink.

the poster below is for a pink floyd tribute show at seaholm power plant here in austin, also put on by the electric company. you can get early bird tickets to the show here. just below that is a promo poster for local dj corsage and her radio program trust the wizard. be sure to check her out on tuesday nights at kpwr.

Which One's Pink Gigposter

Trust the Wizard: DJ Corsage Promo Poster

a great band i took photos of recently, leatherbag, is putting together a show to benefit the recording studio who helped them put together their latest album. hot tracks recording studio is a one man operation run by Matt Smith in a small and awesome east side studio. Just recently, the landlord lost a battle between the city of Austin over the property and the whole section of artist studios, recording spaces and the like will be torn down to put up another :sigh: block of generic condos for some out of town schmucks looking to ‘get a taste of weird austin’. ironic isn’t it?

so come out to the show, if you’re able, and help support one of the many small operations that help keep the spirit of austin alive. all proceeds from the door will go to help hot tracks nail down a new location.

Save Hot Tracks Gigposter

Gigposter for Chris Crofton's Comedy Stand Up