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Project Preview: Burgess Meredith Album Art.

Just sent the final artwork for Austin band Burgess Meredith’s debut album over to the printer! Here’s a sneak peak at the cover. The album will be out in April, y’all!

Project Preview: Burgess Meredith Album

SXSW 2012 was super rad. At one point, I managed to snag a photo with Bill Murray while drunk at 24 Diner with my friend Cassandra. He was with three of the squarest looking chicks in town and apparently on the rebound. Looking back, I wish we’d stolen him from them and turned the party ship around.

My friend Cassandra, me and Bill Murray. Drunk at 24 Diner during SXSW 2012.

my friend cassandra, me and bill murray at 24 diner. sxsw 2012.


Think I’m going swimming tomorrow…

I have been in the cave all day working on an invitation to a huge, highly anticipated annual summer party and I think I’m going to need a few hours of swim time tomorrow to bring me back to real life. A few weeks ago, Moonpie and I went to Emma Long Park in northwest Austin and it was a dream. I took a crappy photo with my phone but it disappeared into the nether regions of my memory card so here’s someone else’s photo for your viewing pleasure:

you totes need to go swim here. emma long park, austin, texas.

Anyway, here’s a preview of the invitation i’m working on, I’ll release the whole image after the party:

Project Preview: Invitation

Speaking of invitations, I am totally available to put together an invitation|save the date card|thank you card for your next shindig. Below is an invitation I put together for the newly minted married couple Adrienne and Kenneth (of Black Bone Child). They are some of the sweetest people to grace the planet and I couldn’t be happier for them. Give me a shout at

Why, yes, I also design wedding invitations
Why, yes, I also design wedding invitations!

New Logo: Honeycomb Hair Boutique

I recently had the pleasure of being introduced, through a mutual friend (thanks, Diamond!), to the luminous Georgia Bramhall who is in the process of opening her own hair salon here in town. The salon is called Honeycomb, so she wanted to stay within the bounds of the hexagonal shape while giving it some personality and femininity. We went with a mandala pattern for the design as she plans to incorporate Mediterranean and Middle Eastern elements to the interior design of the salon.

Logo: Honeycomb Hair Boutique

We collaborated and expanded on a few original ideas to come to this final version – I think it’s lovely! Be sure to check out her new place starting in about a month. Her website is on the way!

new band photos: leatherbag.

i hung out with the gentlemen of leatherbag just about a week before sxsw in an east austin studio where they were recording their upcoming album ‘yellow television’. we took some photos in the surrounding neighborhood, which never fails to provide an array of interesting backdrops! here are two of the photos from that session:

Leatherbag. Photographed in East Austin.

Leatherbag. Photographed in East Austin.

leatherbag had a great showcase during sxsw (which lead singer randy told me about, i didn’t actually have a wristband!) and has been featured in quite a few ‘bands to tune into’ lists. stay tuned for more photos from inside the studio along with the album artwork that i’m putting together. think: blue note. in the meantime, be sure to check out their awesome sound, described by some as ‘new sincerity’ right here! till next time, lovers.

New Merch for Mike and the Moonpies!

we just got the sample photos back for the newest addition to mike and the moonpies merch collection – a red and white trucker cap bearing a portrait of the band. we all agreed that we can’t wait til these hats resurface in thrift stores 20 years from now.

the hats will be here just in time for sxsw and their show opening for asleep at the wheel on march 18th. if you’re interested in purchasing a hat, send me an email! moonpie shirts with a new logo will be printed on monday!

Coming Soon: Mike and the Moonpies Trucker Hat

The Portrait Project: Mike and the Moonpies

the portrait project rolls on with an illustration of local honky tonk act mike and the moonpies. if you haven’t seen these guys play, you really need to get your ass in gear. they’ll be playing a handfull of shows during sxsw along with a gig opening up for asleep at the wheel on march 18th.

The Portrait Project: Mike and the Moonpies

this illustration is currently being printed onto a bunch of red trucker hats, be sure to snap one up before they’re gone!

and stay tuned for the portrait project opening up to the public on march 22! xo.

what a difference a year makes.

it’s new year’s eve which means it’s time for my annual photo montage. this time last year i was feeling out of sorts, apprehensive about what the next few months would hold and wistful for the road behind me.

i can happily say that i am on the opposite end of the spectrum 365 days later. this new year marks the cusp of my full fledged foray into freelance graphic design and so many words come to mind to describe my mental state: exhilarated, inspired, a little nervous and, i can’t stress this enough, absolutely drunk on happiness.

it goes without saying that i owe buckets of gratitude to everyone who supported my ‘obsession’ with kind words, recommendations, patience, opportunities and work. you really can’t know how thankful i really am. if you’re reading this, your interest is what motivates me. so, thanks.

it’s going to be tremendous year for all of us, as long as we stay strong and put one foot in front of the other.

and now a collection of photos that illustrate how i’m feeling on the last day of 2010.

happy new year everyone! clink.

skye stracke photographed by jock sturges.

natalia vodianova photographed by carter smith.

photographer unknown.

natalia vodianova photgraphed by carter smith.

lily cole photgraphed by carter smith.

photographer unknown.

lara stone photographed by mert & marcus.

lara stone photgraphed by mert & marcus.

photgrapher and artist unknown.

dree hemingway photographed by alex ilubomirski.

photographer unknown.