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The artist is by necessity a collector.

“The artist is by necessity a collector; he accumulates things with the same ardor and curiosity [with which] a boy stuffs his pockets. He borrows from the sea and from the scrap heap; he takes snapshots, makes mental notes, and records impressions on tablecloths and newspapers—why one particular thing and not another, he may not know at the time, but he is omnivorous. He has a taste for children’s wall scrawling as appreciative as that for prehistoric cave painting.”—Paul Rand, 1955, via Steven Heller


Obligatory Cute Blog Post.

whoever said that life is not worth living has obviously never been to a sloth orphanage. cute explosion:

Gigposters for Blonde Redhead & NYE at Granada Theatre!

Blonde Redhead at Granada Theatre

hey gang – it’s been a tremendous two months of design work and, in lieu of thanksgiving just recently behind us, i’d like to say thank you to all of my clients (past and present) who have come to me with new and exciting challenges. it has been an amazing year, and i think 2011 is going to be huge for all of us. i would be nothing without your support!

one of my favourite projects of the year has been designing a gigposter for blonde redhead’s performance at the granada theater in dallas this past november. if you know me, you know blonde redhead is one of my most-listened to bands and it was thrilling to be able to make a contribution to their 2010 tour. swoon!

speaking of the granada theater, they’ve got a great new year’s eve party planned for those of you who will be in the area on december 31st. check out the poster(s) for the occasion and make your reservation today!

NYE at the Granada Theater

NYE at the Granada Theater

NYE at the Granada Theater

NYE at the Granada Theater

oh ma gah, lost.

so i just discovered these mid-century inspired prints commemorating the ridiculously great show ‘lost’. the posters were created by the talented orange county based design whiz ty mattson. you can actually purchase the screened posters and matching tshirts on the official abc lost merchandise page. man, i am totally geeking out hard.

album artwork for white rhino’s ‘heroin thunder’

if you’re an avid metalhead, you really ought to be following the rise of austin band white rhino. their sophomore album, heroin thunder, is on the brink of release – culminating with a month-long national tour in support of it. michael anthony gibson, andy anderson and wes cargal are a very tight, sonically overwhelming power trio that will leave you begging for more. look out motorhead!

i’ve done the album artwork for both releases (the first of which is self-titled) and i’m really excited about the design for this one!

Final Album Artwork for White Rhino's 'Heroin Thunder' Album
album artwork for white rhino’s latest album ‘heroin thunder’. catch them on tour.
click for larger image.

an update of sorts

i haven’t posted anything new lately because i’ve been desperately trying to finish my three pieces for the arthouse 5×7 show which takes place next week at the whitley building on 3rd/brazos. i’m so thrilled to be a part of it! i had a piece in the show years ago but i had no idea what i was doing back then. haha. thank god they asked me again this year!

last night i took it easy and made a totally rad shepherd’s pie with peach cobbler with vanilla ice cream for dessert. after that cooking ordeal was finished i had a little time left over to work on album art for white rhino and frank smith. hopefully i’ll have something up soon to share!

peach cobbler, y’all.

one more thing, the awesomely talented dallas graphic designer gavin mulloy just started working with the grenada theatre in dallas and is passing along some gigposter work to me. so a big thank you to mister mulloy!

buford thomas does beauty bar

Buford Thomas Gigposter

i whipped this up pretty quickly for my friend ben kennimer/buford thomas who is spinning at beauty bar austin this friday. if you’re in town check him out, he looks exactly like this! awesome!