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Project Preview: Burgess Meredith Album Art.

Just sent the final artwork for Austin band Burgess Meredith’s debut album over to the printer! Here’s a sneak peak at the cover. The album will be out in April, y’all!

Project Preview: Burgess Meredith Album

SXSW 2012 was super rad. At one point, I managed to snag a photo with Bill Murray while drunk at 24 Diner with my friend Cassandra. He was with three of the squarest looking chicks in town and apparently on the rebound. Looking back, I wish we’d stolen him from them and turned the party ship around.

My friend Cassandra, me and Bill Murray. Drunk at 24 Diner during SXSW 2012.

my friend cassandra, me and bill murray at 24 diner. sxsw 2012.


Album Art for some of Austin’s Finest (Austin Chronicle Best Of List)!

oh snap! austin chronicle’s music staff just released their top ten albums lists – i’ve had the pleasure of designing cover art for some of the killer albums on this list:

Suzanna Choffel’s ‘Steady Eye Shaky Bow’

Suzanna Choffel's 'Steady Eye Shaky Bow' Album Art

Golden Bear’s ‘Alive’

Golden Bear 'Alive' Album Art.

Leatherbag’s ‘Yellow Television’

Leatherbag's 'Yellow Television' Album Art

thanks so much for letting me be a part of your projects! ♥

feast yr eyes on some new album artwork.

Album Artwork for Leatherbag

hey kids, been awhile since i’ve posted anything new – i’ve been in a whirlwind of work and it’s been crazy/awesome around here. here are three new album designs for some great artists. the piece above is for local ‘new sincerity’ band leatherbag. it’s actually a reissue of two previous albums they put out. highly recommend checking them out, y’all.

randy ‘leatherbag’ reynolds has impeccable taste when it comes to art and it was a real pleasure working together with him on this artwork, peeling away layers and arriving at this really powerful image. look for more exciting pieces and merch coming from this collaboration soon!

the piece below is for the digital release of mississippi-based, chicken ranch records band starlings, tn. psychedelic bluegrass? dark folk music? you be the judge.

Digital Album Artwork for Starlings TN

lastly, album artwork for the illustrious local comedian/rapper/air sex competition host/social butterfly terp2it (chris trew). terp debuted his new album, half man half beard, at the fun fun fun festival about a week ago, culminating in his shaving half of his beard off. for those of you interested in jumping into the world of comedy and improv, sign up for lessons through chris and his partner tami at the new movement theater.

Album Artwork for Terp2It

album art: spookeasy.

Album Cover Design for Spookeasy
album artwork for dallas-based band spookeasy.

this is the first composite i’ve come up with for dallas based indie band spookeasy. the rest of the album artwork consists of some really rad pencil drawings of ships so once i’ve got everything worked out text wise, i’ll be sure to post them!

johnnyblackouts digital album.

Johnnyblackouts Digital Album Artwork

one of several composites i’m working on for mr. warped. we’ll see where we end up!

will taylor and strings attached does dark side of the moon.

Gigposter for Will Taylor and Strings Attached
my poster design for the first of will taylor’s summer series

if you love the classics (beatles, zeppelin, pink floyd, police), you should love will taylor and strings attached’s reinvented classical interpretations of some of the great classic rock albums. strings attached is electric strings, bass, drums and a touch of improv jazz.

this summer, will taylor is hosting his classic rock series at ruta maya on south congress. this is the first poster of the series i’m doing for them. hopefully there will be more! xo

preview some of the audio here!

album artwork for white rhino’s ‘heroin thunder’

if you’re an avid metalhead, you really ought to be following the rise of austin band white rhino. their sophomore album, heroin thunder, is on the brink of release – culminating with a month-long national tour in support of it. michael anthony gibson, andy anderson and wes cargal are a very tight, sonically overwhelming power trio that will leave you begging for more. look out motorhead!

i’ve done the album artwork for both releases (the first of which is self-titled) and i’m really excited about the design for this one!

Final Album Artwork for White Rhino's 'Heroin Thunder' Album
album artwork for white rhino’s latest album ‘heroin thunder’. catch them on tour.
click for larger image.