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Golden Bear’s ‘Alive’.

hey kids! get ready for the long-awaited release of golden bear‘s new album ‘alive’, which comes out this month. this little lady had the honor of putting together the album artwork for it (based on some photos they shot in zilker park). it was an inspiring process working with lead singer chris gregory to push the possibilities of the design – eschewing the standard photo treatment for something more graphic and iconic. i also want to mention that the album was produced by the mastermind danny reisch, who has worked with the likes of shearwater, white denim and the black and white years.

you can check out a review and a video of the band here. if you’re in the austin area, come by club deville on october 29th for the official cd release party. see you there, lovers!

Golden Bear 'Alive' Album Art.

name something that inspires me: grizzly bear.

if ever there were an album of the last decade to hole up in a cabin in the woods and create art to, grizzly bear’s latest release veckatimest would be it. i love everything about it: from the soaring melodies set to instrumentation that some have called baroque pop to the album’s packaging (with artwork by william j. o’brien) and the subsequent music videos in support of it.

of all of the tracks on the album, my favourite is a piece entitled ‘ready, able’. a little bonus to the track is the music video which is fantastically unnerving. and for me, the best artwork is a little bit unnerving. created by the incredible artist and animator allison schulnik, the music video is a mind meld of strange, sad characters that are constantly in a gorgeous state of flux. as a special coincidence, it turns out she’s apparently friends with another artist i posted about a year ago, eric yahnker. anyway, you really need to watch and listen to it for yourself below:


‘long hair hobo #2’ oil on canvas. 2008. by allison schulnik.

‘untitled’ by william j. o’brien.

new band photos: leatherbag.

i hung out with the gentlemen of leatherbag just about a week before sxsw in an east austin studio where they were recording their upcoming album ‘yellow television’. we took some photos in the surrounding neighborhood, which never fails to provide an array of interesting backdrops! here are two of the photos from that session:

Leatherbag. Photographed in East Austin.

Leatherbag. Photographed in East Austin.

leatherbag had a great showcase during sxsw (which lead singer randy told me about, i didn’t actually have a wristband!) and has been featured in quite a few ‘bands to tune into’ lists. stay tuned for more photos from inside the studio along with the album artwork that i’m putting together. think: blue note. in the meantime, be sure to check out their awesome sound, described by some as ‘new sincerity’ right here! till next time, lovers.

gigposter: frank smith / smoke and feathers.

Frank Smith and Smoke and Feathers release their latest

for those of you looking to get a double dose of dark alt country and psychedelic rock and roll in one night, come out to mohawk on october 15. two of my favourite local bands are each releasing their new albums. it’s going to be good times, people, i wouldn’t steer you wrong.

gigposter: kinch and isle of white at emo’s.

Kinch at Emo's July 8 2010

in case you can’t tell, that’s a crane game filled with pabst blue ribbon beer. someone please make one of these happen in real life – that would be the jam! come check out my friends in isle of white who open for kinch at emo’s. good times!