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Album Art for some of Austin’s Finest (Austin Chronicle Best Of List)!

oh snap! austin chronicle’s music staff just released their top ten albums lists – i’ve had the pleasure of designing cover art for some of the killer albums on this list:

Suzanna Choffel’s ‘Steady Eye Shaky Bow’

Suzanna Choffel's 'Steady Eye Shaky Bow' Album Art

Golden Bear’s ‘Alive’

Golden Bear 'Alive' Album Art.

Leatherbag’s ‘Yellow Television’

Leatherbag's 'Yellow Television' Album Art

thanks so much for letting me be a part of your projects! ♥


Think I’m going swimming tomorrow…

I have been in the cave all day working on an invitation to a huge, highly anticipated annual summer party and I think I’m going to need a few hours of swim time tomorrow to bring me back to real life. A few weeks ago, Moonpie and I went to Emma Long Park in northwest Austin and it was a dream. I took a crappy photo with my phone but it disappeared into the nether regions of my memory card so here’s someone else’s photo for your viewing pleasure:

you totes need to go swim here. emma long park, austin, texas.

Anyway, here’s a preview of the invitation i’m working on, I’ll release the whole image after the party:

Project Preview: Invitation

Speaking of invitations, I am totally available to put together an invitation|save the date card|thank you card for your next shindig. Below is an invitation I put together for the newly minted married couple Adrienne and Kenneth (of Black Bone Child). They are some of the sweetest people to grace the planet and I couldn’t be happier for them. Give me a shout at chase.maclaskey@gmail.com.

Why, yes, I also design wedding invitations
Why, yes, I also design wedding invitations!

Graphic design cattle rush!

i have obviously not been posting designs on here for a hot minute but i promise you, i’ve been up to my neck in work! thanks for all of the requests, everyone, i’ll keep my nose to the grindstone. xo

Part of Poster Series for Kingdom Nightclub
part of poster series for kingdom nightclub.

Logo design for Kingdom as signage
signage with new logo for kingdom nightclub.

Gigposter for Backbeat Magazine Summer Block Party
gigposter for backbeat magazine’s summer block party.

Gigposter for Kingdom - Saturdays
part of poster series for kingdom nightclub.

Gigposter for Kingdom - Sundays
part of poster series for kingdom nightclub.

Gigposter for Rex Riddem at Gypsy Lounge
gigposter for rex riddem’s blowout show at gypsy lounge.

2-Sided Postcard for NiteLite at Beauty Bar
double sided postcard for nitelite gig at beauty bar.

Album art for Leatherbag's 'Yellow Television'
album art for leatherbag’s ‘yellow television’.

Gigposter for alternating Fridays at Kingdom
part of poster series for kingdom nightclub.

Gigposter for Cowboys & Indians Party
gigposter for the upcoming cowboys and indians party. get your cap guns out, kids!

new gigposters: kanye west, snoop dogg and more!

Snoop Dogg at SXSW 2011 Gigposter

Kanye West at SXSW 2011 Gigposter

a dream came true this past sxsw when i was asked by local production company the electric company to design a poster for snoop dogg. and then there was the kanye west poster. swoon! if you are interested in obtaining one, send me an email, a short run of screenprints are in the works. wink.

the poster below is for a pink floyd tribute show at seaholm power plant here in austin, also put on by the electric company. you can get early bird tickets to the show here. just below that is a promo poster for local dj corsage and her radio program trust the wizard. be sure to check her out on tuesday nights at kpwr.

Which One's Pink Gigposter

Trust the Wizard: DJ Corsage Promo Poster

a great band i took photos of recently, leatherbag, is putting together a show to benefit the recording studio who helped them put together their latest album. hot tracks recording studio is a one man operation run by Matt Smith in a small and awesome east side studio. Just recently, the landlord lost a battle between the city of Austin over the property and the whole section of artist studios, recording spaces and the like will be torn down to put up another :sigh: block of generic condos for some out of town schmucks looking to ‘get a taste of weird austin’. ironic isn’t it?

so come out to the show, if you’re able, and help support one of the many small operations that help keep the spirit of austin alive. all proceeds from the door will go to help hot tracks nail down a new location.

Save Hot Tracks Gigposter

Gigposter for Chris Crofton's Comedy Stand Up

New Merch for Mike and the Moonpies!

we just got the sample photos back for the newest addition to mike and the moonpies merch collection – a red and white trucker cap bearing a portrait of the band. we all agreed that we can’t wait til these hats resurface in thrift stores 20 years from now.

the hats will be here just in time for sxsw and their show opening for asleep at the wheel on march 18th. if you’re interested in purchasing a hat, send me an email! moonpie shirts with a new logo will be printed on monday!

Coming Soon: Mike and the Moonpies Trucker Hat

The Portrait Project: Mike and the Moonpies

the portrait project rolls on with an illustration of local honky tonk act mike and the moonpies. if you haven’t seen these guys play, you really need to get your ass in gear. they’ll be playing a handfull of shows during sxsw along with a gig opening up for asleep at the wheel on march 18th.

The Portrait Project: Mike and the Moonpies

this illustration is currently being printed onto a bunch of red trucker hats, be sure to snap one up before they’re gone!

and stay tuned for the portrait project opening up to the public on march 22! xo.

New Merch for Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock!

hey honky tonk fans, check out this new merch for bloodshot records artist wayne hancock.

New Merch for Wayne 'The Train' Hancock.

in addition to the new dickie’s work shirt design and sticker, they’ve also converted a poster i designed into a women’s shirt. something for everybody, y’all.