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new band photos: leatherbag.

i hung out with the gentlemen of leatherbag just about a week before sxsw in an east austin studio where they were recording their upcoming album ‘yellow television’. we took some photos in the surrounding neighborhood, which never fails to provide an array of interesting backdrops! here are two of the photos from that session:

Leatherbag. Photographed in East Austin.

Leatherbag. Photographed in East Austin.

leatherbag had a great showcase during sxsw (which lead singer randy told me about, i didn’t actually have a wristband!) and has been featured in quite a few ‘bands to tune into’ lists. stay tuned for more photos from inside the studio along with the album artwork that i’m putting together. think: blue note. in the meantime, be sure to check out their awesome sound, described by some as ‘new sincerity’ right here! till next time, lovers.

leatherbag tote bags are almost here!

one of my favourite live performances this year, local band leatherbag is laying the groundwork for a new studio album. in the meantime, we just sent these new logo bags, based on artist ed ruscha’s ‘standard station’, to the press. better start lining up now to get yours, i’m going to be at the front of the line.

Tote Design and Logo for Leatherbag.

gigposters: promotional posters for dj mike swift & lyrikill.

Promotional Poster for DJ Mike Swift

eupham entertainment prepares to release albums from two rad artists who live and work in new orleans with posters i put together for them. head over to itunes or amazon and grab their digital albums!

i also created the album artwork for both musicians so, if you get a hard copy of the albums, you’ll own a little piece of my work as well!

Promotional Poster for Lyrikill

album art: spookeasy.

Album Cover Design for Spookeasy
album artwork for dallas-based band spookeasy.

this is the first composite i’ve come up with for dallas based indie band spookeasy. the rest of the album artwork consists of some really rad pencil drawings of ships so once i’ve got everything worked out text wise, i’ll be sure to post them!

gigposter: theglitoris presents gaydie hawkinz at barbarella.

theGlitoris presents Gaydie Hawkins

so to commemorate the festivities of austin pride festival happening this coming week, theglitoris is hosting a very special tuezgayz event at barbarella. the theme for their gaydie hawkinz dance is androgyny so please mix up your attire to represent both genders and celebrate a new generation of acceptance and love along with the appreciation of the individual.

for the poster, we wanted to unite all of the sexual symbols so everyone recognizes that this is not just a ‘gay’ event, but rather an event to celebrate all walks of life. we included a subtle rainbow to represent pride week and the tuxes because, well, it’s a gaydie hawkinz dance y’all!

theglitoris hosts a weekly tuezgayz show in case you can’t make it out this week. and be sure to check out the blog for insight into more local events, music reviews, social commentary and more. event photography will be provided by resident party animal ulovei/miguel angel. come one, come all! love love love!

buford thomas does beauty bar

Buford Thomas Gigposter

i whipped this up pretty quickly for my friend ben kennimer/buford thomas who is spinning at beauty bar austin this friday. if you’re in town check him out, he looks exactly like this! awesome!